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michael haverhals

Focus on what is necessary - that's the first step to a successful product. Then use your imagination to improve what a product can offer to increase the overall user experience. Because spending months of intensive labor and capital spending to create a 'revolutionary' chair that nobody can sit in likely isn't the revolution you're looking for.

Identify necessity and create from there.


Designed and implemented the freemium flow for DoctorBase's Panda services to grow from 0 to 5,000+ doctors in under a year

Designed, prototyped, and tested specialty positioning products for wheelchair seating systems, including the creation of several product lines that resulted in a 19% increase in annual sales

Developed both production equipment & manufacturing processes for new products and frequently supervised on-site manufacturing facilities & personnel while also working closely with material suppliers and coordinating any necessary outsourcing to off-site production

A Rod Harmonic Analyzer

An R&D report on the design of a device capable of quantifying the qualitative characteristics of fishing rods