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A great campaign takes into account all facets of how your customers interact with your product. This includes what they think about it and what they tell their friends about it. While traditional media outlets are great for telling the public about your new product, new media allows for targeted marketing that encourages personal conversation within your customer base. This online presence is key since the users themselves always make the best sales people. Through social networks, emails, search engines, websites, and blogs, you can put this sales force to work for you, and all for considerably less than the commissions you’re paying Jim in sales.


Evolved healthcare marketing out of traditional channels and into one of the industry's first entirely web-based marketing engines with a 22% conversion rate for DoctorBase

Established, contributed, edited, and grew the DoctorBlog to 60,000+ subscribers to lend insight to doctors on how to use mobile & social media to improve patient care

Developed and implemented marketing strategies for email campaigns, search engine marketing, and blogger public relations resulting in 31% user growth and a 5x increase in web traffic for

Developed websites to provide a visual display of property information and metrics by regional area & for specific locations

Worked with Oracle software suites and programmed in SQL, HTML, & Basic while serving as group expert on Internet technologies

Music and the Internet: The Future of Recorded Music in the Digital Age
A commentary on the Social, Technical, Economic, & Political ramifications of the digitization of the music industry