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michael haverhals

For anybody who’s had to deal with cold-calls and unsolicited offers, combining the words “sales” and “execution” may seem like a pretty good idea.  And who can blame them?  That’s why sales should never be about simply separating the customer from their money.  It’s about listening to the customer’s needs and finding a way to fill them in a manner that benefits both parties.  Because every contract will eventually expire, and it’s much easier to negotiate a new one when both parties know the partnership benefits everybody involved.


Reduced customer acquisition costs by 73% at DoctorBase by moving the sales model from trade-show-based, prepaid contracts to a web-based, subscription model

Negotiated contracts to secure exclusive marketing rights for a combination of VoIP, IP-Data, & IPTV services to over 70,000 single-family homes & multi-tenant residences in AT&T’s serving area

Assumed control of over $2M in capital spending in order to redefine AT&T Construction & Engineering’s approach to residential development in the Silicon Valley and resolved preexisting customer conflicts while negotiating the recovery of over $250k in previously unclaimed billing